A box package consists of corrugated cardboard. Before it becomes a box, first the corrugated cardboard is manufactured. While the corrugated cardboard is manufactured, the respective gear unit is operated according to the quality of the box to be manufactured. Each of the corrugations E, B and C is a group of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made by the paper in the form of rolls is dried at high temperatures and, attached to each other using glue. 2 rolls of paper are passed through the respective gear unit and, completely dehumidified, since a dry surface is required for a good level of adhesion. While one of the rolls is pressed passing the gear unit, the other one is attached thereto from the bottom using a starch glue.




And the attachment of one pressed and the other in straight form forms a corrugation shape. In case of production of boxes from single corrugated cardboard, the corrugation from this group is attached to the outer surface paper by means of glue resulting in a single corrugated cardboard. In case of production of boxes from double corrugated cardboard, then the same corrugation process should be carried out on another group. Double corrugated cardboard is manufactured when the corrugation from the second group is attached to the other corrugation and the outer surface paper. At the finish point of the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard, the box cover marks are written when it is still hot and, it is waited at the cooling unit for a while after the edge cuts are completed. Corrugated cardboard cooled down is then sent to the box manufacturing units.



          Corrugated cardboard with box cover marks pressed and edge cuts completed are is to the slotter or cutting machine to complete the process. A slotter is a machine that is capable of concurrently performing box edge marks, cover channels and, color printing procedures on the corrugated cardboard. With the procedures completed on the slotter, the corrugated cardboard is sent to sewing machine or sealing machine to assembly the edges of the cardboard. Boxes stitched or glued are tied in the form not opened and shipped to the respective buyer.




Today, it is possible to manufacture boxes in mass production with the INLINE machine using the state-of-the-art technologies. Cardboard are sent to the INLINE machine and, get ready for use in the form tied up together at the exit point. Cyrel clichés are used for printed box production.

And a cutting mold issued for cut box production. Large size boxes are manufactured by means of cardboard not fitting inside the Slotter or INLINE machine being proceeded one by one in non-automated marking and channeling machine.