There are qualities and types of boxes manufactured with corrugated cardboard suitable for different characteristics. The quality and functions of the boxes must be identified according to the respective sector and, the nature of the product to be transported. First, the respective characteristics such as load bearing capacity, choice of 3 colors as white- test liner – craft, and water impermeability are identified, then a suitable type of cardboard is chosen and, the manufacturing process starts accordingly.

Karton ve Koli Ürünleri


Before the manufacturing stage, orders are received by means of e-mail or fax, and the box quality that delivers a high level of ergonomics depending on the products to be packaged.

The reinforcement of the boxes depends on the weight in grams of the straw paper in the corrugations. Craft used inside and outside of the box has nothing to do with the reinforcement unlike the conventional wisdom. The concept of ergonomics in the identification of the respective quality is very important to avoid excess cost to customers, therefore such companies that frequently use boxes are recommended to prefer manufacturers that are well known in the sector and that attach great importance to ergonomics. After the choice of the quality and the correct product, it is easy to manufacture the boxes of such sizes and appearances as may be preferred.


        After being formed by means of processes suitable for the production of the boxes preferred, the cardboard must be sized accordingly. The sizes of the boxes are identified for the sizing of the cardboard. Marks are formed for folding on the corrugated cardboard that are pressed according to the respective sizes. These marks vary depending on how the boxes are folded and, the structure thereof. After the sizes of the boxes are identified, an extra space should be left while cutting the cardboard so that the top and bottom covers are smoothly closed. This space should be properly calculated to ensure that the box covers are easily closed. And the space designed to unite the width and length of the box should also be properly arranged. After the box is pressed and the spaces are left for these purposes, the box is assembled by means of whether stapling or gluing.


         The structure of the cardboard used in the production and, the pressing and assembly processes are among the factors that determine the quality of the boxes. And the most decisive characteristic for the box quality is whether the corrugated cardboard has a single or double corrugation and, the weight in grams of the straw papers used in the corrugations. The size of the corrugations and, the number of corrugations in a certain area and the distance between them are also considered the quality of the corrugated cardboard, i.e. the boxes. There are 3 different qualities for single corrugation boxes: Micro, Thin and Thick.

  For single corrugation cardboard, the micro quality is identified Corrugation E, the thin quality as Corrugation B, and the thick quality as Corrugation C.

And for double corrugation cardboard, there are two types of qualities: Micro double boxes and double boxes. The micro double box standard is identified by means of the combination of the corrugations E and B for single corrugation cardboard and, called the corrugation BE.

And the corrugation quality BC is the combination of the corrugations B and C for the single corrugation cardboard quality and, this type of boxes are called double boxes.


The weight of the product to be put in and, where the product is to be used are among the most important factors that determine the box quality. For example, if the boxes are to be used in a cold storage room or a liquid material is to be transported in it, then it is better that the inside and outside of the box are made of craft. Craft is a type of paper imported and, resistant to water and moisture.

And the load bearing capacity for boxes is identified by the weight in grams of straw paper used on corrugations, these figures are calculated according to the standards set by the paper manufacturer.


      Corrugated cardboard boxes are tied in such number of packages with or without attaching one another as may be requested or stacked on such number of pallets as may be desired, getting ready for storage or use.

Although it may not represent a large share of the total cost of the consumer, it is necessary for them to protect and store the products under appropriate conditions to make best of corrugated cardboard in respect of productivity.


- The ties should not be opened until the time of actual usage.


- To deliver a stronger stowage, after the ties are placed on the pallets, these pallets should be stretched by means of encircling.


- Pieces of cardboard sheets should be placed on the pallets to balance the load distribution and, to avoid any damage on the surface.


- The boxes must be kept on a pallet etc. and never be left on the floor.


- No heavy materials should be placed on the boxes stacked and, you should never step on the boxes.


- The boxes must be stored in enclosed locations with protection against dust and moisture.


- The boxes should be stored away from the warehouse doors to protect them from changing temperature and moisture. –


- First in first out method must be considered for storage purposes.


Source : (Development Bank of Turkey)